What are they thinking?

Netanyahu’s public parental thrashing of Obama, his speeches before AIPAC and Congress had a superficial affect on American and Israeli public opinion and prospective electoral, policy and diplomatic outcomes.

I found his chutzpa towards Obama, and his manipulation of facts and prospects to be insulting (to my president and to my intelligence) and very disturbing.

Israeli polls show an electoral lift for the right-wing parties (civil and religious). American polls show an increasing acceptance of his assertions of the irrelevance of historical jurisdictions based on new demographic facts on the ground.

Intelligent people that know and should know better are buying into the likud story and conclusion. Options for peace are being eliminated as we breathe. The likelihood of war is increasing. (With Hamas, they likely relish that “opportunity”. With Hezbollah, they fear it.) The likelihood of Israeli isolation is increasing, here.

Netanyahu’s “victory” will be temporary. The US Congress will not remain as gullible as they were. Europeans are definitively not that gullible. There is really no prospect of 20th century persecution of Jews, but there is a prospect that Israel will become isolated, six steps backward from the current success of full participation in the global economy.

I recognize that making peace in Israel/Palestine is an if, that there are many events and people/groups that can really screw up a whole complex construction.

The reality is that Netanyahu either killed or merely delayed the prospect of a confident peace for at least a few years, and likely even a generation.

I am at a loss as to where to put my energy (more my vanity in telling others what they should think and do).

The common thread that seems necessary perpetually, is the effort to humanize the other (and ones own). To live a humane life, its necessary for us to hear of others personal experience, and how shared cultural experience adds up to political conclusions. At the same time, its also necessary kindly and completely convey one’s own personal and cultural experience, and how that adds up to political conclusion. Nobody’s emotionally suicidal revision of personal experience is necessary.

With that, at least we’ll see each other as human beings, more in common than not, capable of empathy and honor, even if we have different experience and even angers.

I can respect someone that is angry at me, learn from what they tell me, so long as they don’t threaten me in some real way.

Beyond that effort to mutually humanize, I don’t have a clue.

The two-state approach seems like the only possible outcome, but I am very uncomfortable with how the Netanyahu guess treats Palestinians (in the present and indefinite future). And, I don’t see how that vision (Israeli control of all of Jerusalem in particular) will square with the nearly billion Muslims.

(There is no humane way to address the pan-Islamic empire aspirations. The picture of that geographic scope of the conflict is mythic, hellish, of violent opponents in permanent wrestle for prospective millenia. That was the edge of the theme that no peace is ever possible.)

I do not trust the far left’s prescriptions nor ability to follow through on their implications. I do learn from their contact with Palestinians which the powers that be don’t even bother.

I do not trust Netanyahu, the likud party, the coalition that he presides over, the worldview that supported his election (even if Kadima won more seats in the last election). It is a mix of opportunistic land lust combined with and deflected by risk-aversion.

Kadima is also risk-averse, but at least combines some effort at construction of actual peace. They do not use their awareness of risks  as veiled opportunism (maybe I’m wrong about them too).

I do not know of any Israeli party to actively support, that is actively creative and risk averse.

Most of the advocates for a single state predominately originate their thinking in angry Palestinian nationalism, and fail to emphasize the humanization of the other (necessary in a civil democracy).

Is anyone serious?

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One Response to What are they thinking?

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    Do you self a favor. Take a break from Israel/Palestine. You’ll be much happier.

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