Hamas/Fatah reconciliation: Noise or Trend?

Since Netanyahu formed the Israeli government in 2009, the relations between Israel and Palestine have been in a holding pattern. Efforts for political and intercommunal peace have been delayed. Israel, as the more dominant power, has adopted a “wait until” approach (with no clear criteria for what “until” means).

The stated conditions are cessation of terror operations on civilians. That seems reasonable to me, but ceasing all Israeli settlement construction seems reasonable to me as well. It is described in Haaretz that settlement construction has mostly stopped, but quietly, not by overtly stated policy.

So, in that state of stagnancy, we hear a lot of noise (noise in the sense of chaos, or absence of trend or momentum).

In the stock market, periods of volatility (absence of discernible trend) are periods of noise. Most investors lose money during periods of volatility, of noise. Its impossible to know when to invest versus divest, and the consequences of guessing wrong are more pronounced. Wealth is mostly created during periods of clear and joinable trends (even when the market is declining).

In contrast to the Israeli absence of leadership momentum towards peace (rational or not), the PA has staked out a determined and defined momentum (trend rather than noise).

From my sense, the recent signing of a unified governing letter by Hamas, Fatah and most other prominent Palestinian factions, is part of the Fatah-led end game towards recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Hamas apparently determined to get on board rather than be isolated WHEN Palestine becomes independant and recognized.

Israel should get on board and do similarly. Fatah is actually leading: creating trends, definable movement, rather than waiting. And, for the most part, the movement created is responsible, lawful, a high road.

Israel has grown accustomed to noise among the Palestinian community and solidarity. (Again noise meaning chaos and stagnancy, not meaning irrelevance of Palestinians experience.)

Ironically, as effective as Fayyad’s leadership is (I’m sure with frustrations and lapses), the prominent dissenting community regards him and Fatah as spineless, corrupt dinosaurs. Haaretz yesterday reported that Hamas for example had demanded that Fayyad not be in the new Palestinian government, as a condition of their participation.

I assume that they will not succeed in shutting him up, thankfully. Otherwise we will return to the status of noise.

Its been inspiring to see Palestinian leadership accomplish much, define the momentum of the time, creating a responsible and plausible momentum for Israel to follow.

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1 Response to Hamas/Fatah reconciliation: Noise or Trend?

  1. Sylvia Williams says:

    Noise or trend?

    Neither. A change of tactic that better serves the goal of destroying Israel.

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