Appreciation for Those that Persist

I want to thank those dissenters on Israel/Palestine that continue to speak up for the humanity of Palestinians and who act to improve their lot in life.

It is very hard to continue at, whether you are Jewish and alienated from Jewish community as the basis of your dissent, or Jewish and disgusted by the current collective expression of what Jewish life (Israeli life) looks like. Its hard if you are not Jewish and have to wade through the accusations of anti-semitism. Its hard if you are Palestinian and have to grapple with the accusation of fixation, along with the objective and interpersonally humiliating conditions of not being able to visit your uncle in a neighboring village (or across the world) because you are not permitted to cross a border.

For all that undertake a political campaign, the message is repetitive, and inevitably loses the first glow of insight in its repetition. Its becomes difficult to form and to apply one’s own moral moorings. Where is the line? When is “too far” in the zeal and determination to succeed?

Its easy to criticize. I do all the time. I criticize dissenters for offending the memory of my grandparents, in ignoring the suffering of European Jewish survivors, in their revisionist black/white math of what is net good in the world.

But, the determination to make change in the world, takes living through boredom, living through banality of yet another similar presentation, facing yet another thoughtless reaction, willingly engaging in the moral gamble of affecting others’ lives with inevitably incomplete information.

Don’t give up. Get better at it. Get more sensitive, more in tune with justice, peace, vitality.

I give up on my projects so frequently, and so easily.

And, still I am alive, and continue at my passions. There is nothing else to do.

Dissenters that are sincerely seeking to heal, deserve deep support.

My prayer is that dissenters be thoughtful, considerate, and imaginative enough to construct form of dissent and remedy that improves life for all, rather than creating a pendulum of one injustice remedied by a further injustice ad infinitum.

Among staunch partisans, thoughtfullness, imagination, compromise looks like and is described as “betrayal”. Its not. Its thoughtfulness, imagination, and a more sustaining form of determination.

A second prayer, is that dissenters have such a strong basis of knowing (rather than gambling) that being thoughtful, kind, imaginative, compromising is no longer thought of as betrayal, but as leadership (in fact, substance over form).

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