In dialog with Mondoweiss

I’ve voluntarily moved my focus of posting in response to Mondoweiss posts and comments, here.

I will still comment there occasionally, and particularly of links to this site. I expect to post similarly on other blogs as well.

I am not at this full time. I am not an expert on what happens on the ground or what happens behind closed doors. My interest in posting as a liberal Zionist (more a supporter than an “ist”) is really to amplify a theme that Bradley Burston from Haaretz has articulated as a moralist radical moderate.

Live and let live in the full meaning of the term.

Israelis live and let Palestinians live; AND Palestinians live and let Israelis live.

All comments will be moderated.

NO, literally NO, personal insults will be accepted, and only comments from verifiable e-mail addresses will be accepted.

Any perspective that conforms to these guidelines will be allowed. You can call Zionism racism if you like, so long as you articulate what you mean and treat others (including me) respectfully.


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